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Deadly Boring Jobs


Updated September 02, 2006

Deadly Boring Jobs
Dull, boring jobs are bad for men's health; that's according to research from the University of London. The researchers headed by Dr. Harry Hemingway found that men who have repetitive, unchallenging jobs, are more likely to suffer heart attacks.

The researchers looked at 2,197 men aged between 45 and 68 who worked for the British government. The men were employed in low grade jobs, where they had little control over their work roles within a low social position. These same men who were depressed had a much higher risk of heart attack.

The men were found to have steadier faster heart rates. That may sound good, but for a healthy heart you need a heart rate that varies. Too regular a heart rate can mean that the heart can find it difficult to adapt when called on to work harder, during exercise, or after a sudden shock.

Men in the study had heart rates, on average 3.2 beats per minute faster than men in more stimulating and challenging jobs. Even after taking into account factors such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise the study found a clear effect.

The research shows that managers can contribute to the heart health of their workers by changing their work patterns and conditions.

Article Source: 2004 University London

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