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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Information for Men

Sexually transmitted diseases can pose major health problems so it is important to be informed about STDs such chlamidia gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDS, trichomoniasis, syphilis, genital warts, Non-Specific Urethritis and more. Find out about signs symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention is better than cure and you can find out how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases too.

Signs & Symptoms of HIV / AIDS
Some people experience signs and symptoms of HIV, Human immunodeficiency virus, as soon as they become infected, others do not.

STD Quiz
A great little resource. Test your knowledge of STDs with this easy to use 14 question quiz.

Signs of STD
Signs and symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease plus additional links for even more information.

So called because of their crab-like shape these little critters itch and bite but are easily disposed of.

Gallery: syphilis
Photographic gallery of the effects of syphilis. Not for the squeemish or young children.

Non-Specific Urethritis
Non-specific urethritis, as with all forms of sexually transmitted diseases, is on the increase. Knowing how to prevent getting infected or passing the infection around is important. This looks at the signs and symptoms, the treatments and the complications, as well as offering some practical tips.

Genital warts
It is estimated that around 20 million Americans are infected with one of the hundred types of human papillomavirus (HPV) responsible for genital warts. Read our top 10 questions and answers about HPV.

Syphilis: a sexually transmitted disease
Syphilis transmission occurs most frequently by sexual contact with an infected person.

Signs & Symptoms of Syphilis
The primary stage of syphilis, often begins with a sore on the part that has been in contact with the infection, the genitals, rectum or mouth.

Treatments for Syphilis
The main of therapy for syphilis is antibiotic treatment, usually penicillin. Doxycycline may be used if you have a penicillin allergy.

The incidence of gonorrhea is highest in high-density urban areas among young people under 24 year of age who have multiple sex partners and engage in unprotected sexual intercourse.

Tests and Treatment for Gonorrhoea
There are a number of tests to confirm a diagnosis of gonorrhea. None of the tests are painful but may just be slightly uncomfortable.

Signs and symptoms of gonorrhea in men
Although gonorrhea is a more localized infection than other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), if it is not treated it can spread to the blood stream and infect bone joints causing arthritis

Chlamydia is the most common sexual infection in men.

More common in women than men Trichomoniasis infects 7.4 million people each year.

About 11% of new AIDS cases are in the over 50s. Guide Mark Cichocki dispels the myths and gives the facts.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. Here are the basic facts about syphilis

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