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What You Need to Know about Men's Sexual Health


Let's talk about sex. Sexual health is a source of concern for most men. From AIDS to Vasectomies, find out what you need (or want) to know about your sexual health.
  1. I've Always Wondered...
  2. STDs
  3. Sexual Performance
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I've Always Wondered...

Is my penis too big? Or too small? Does size even matter? What are those bumps at the head of my penis? Get answers to the questions you've always wondered but were too afraid to ask.


The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are about 19 million new cases of STDs in the United States, each year. Many STDs have no symptoms, so the CDC recommends regular testing for infections. Untreated STDs can lead to serious long-term health problems. Find out more about STDs and where you can get tested.

Sexual Performance

Many men suffer from sexual performance problems. If you develop sex performance issues, you might feel all alone but almost 50% of men have sexual performance issues. Find out what causes performance issues and how to treat them.


Have you been trying to get pregnant to no avail? Or are children not for you? Male fertility is a complex process that involves hormones and emotions. Check out the facts and fallacies of male fertility.

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