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Sexual Arousal

Sexual Arousal Process & Problems


Updated August 06, 2006

The Physical Response to Sexual Arousal
During sexual arousal both blood pressure and heart rate rise. At the point of orgasm the heart rate has at least doubled. During orgasm muscular spasms affect various groups of muscles from the face downwards. Contraction of the rectum occurs as does, in some men more than others, sweating, flushing and erection of the nipples.

Sexual Arousal leading to Orgasm
Sexual arousal leading to and beyond orgasm involves two phases. During the excitement phase the penis becomes erect and the scrutum thickens, the testes rise, the penis tip and testes swell and a 'sex flush' appears. After ejaculation the sex flush disappears, there is a loss of erection and the penis returns to its normal state.

Problems with Sexual Arousal
For sexual arousal and orgasm to occur conditions need to be right. The process is inhibited or stopped if the man is anxious or has has other psychological concerns, or the man is fatigued. Although some physical conditions can affect sexual arousal the most common reason for problems in sexual arousal are psychological.

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