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Penis Size and Sexual Satisfaction


Updated August 07, 2014

Penis Size and Sexual Satisfaction

Does Penis Size Matter?

Penis size matters mainly because we think it does. The famous sexuality researchers, Masters and Johnson, say that penis size has no physical effect on female sexual satisfaction.

Women & Sexual Satisfaction

Russell Eisenman's research into women's perceptions of sexual satisfaction considered penis size and width. Fifty sexually active women aged between 18 and 25 years old were asked, "In having sex, which feels better, length of penis or width of penis?" No consideration was given to issues like love, physical attractiveness or romantic feelings. The survey found:

  • Most of the 50 women said that width was more important than length.

  • Only 5 women reported length felt better than width. In fact, a long penis can cause discomfort.

  • None of the women said that size and width were equally important.

  • None of the women said they did not know.

Penis width and penis length

There are a number of reasons why penis width could be described as more sexually satisfying by women. First, the width of the penis at the base may be more stimulating to the clitoris. The researchers also suggest that a wide penis gives a woman a 'greater feeling of fullness' and is therefore physically and psychologically more satisfying.

Male anxiety about penis size

Men tend to misjudge the size of their penis, due to viewing it from above. Research shows that many men believe that their penis is smaller than normal when they actually have a normal-sized penis.


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