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Updated May 21, 2014

Ejaculation occurs when semen is released from the penis. Ejaculate, when used as a noun, is another name for the semen that is released during a single ejaculation. Ejaculate/semen is 90% water, is a milky opalescence, and is opaque. Opalescence increases when the ejaculate has a higher concentration of sperm. 

  • 65% of the semen arises from the seminal vesicles

  • 35% of the semen comes from the prostate. It is the semen from the prostate that gives semen its characteristic smell.

  • 5% is of other fluids

When a man orgasms, he ejaculates between 1 and 5 milliliters of semen. The average is 2 to 3 milliliters (a small teaspoon), which of course is nothing when compared to an adult wild male boar, which produces 0.5 liters per ejaculate!

An ejaculation can travel up to 3 feet or more, but an average distance is about 7 to 10 inches (17 to 25 cms). Ejaculation is preceded by an emission of 1-2 drops of alkaline fluid from the Cowper's glands (two small glands beneath the prostate). Its alkalinity neutralizes the acidity that remains in the urethra from recent urination. Repeated Ejaculation Facts:

The ability to have repeated ejaculation varies considerably from man to man and begins to decline almost immediately once puberty is complete. Within a period of one to two hours, most men can have one ejaculation, while some can have a second, and a few men can have three or four. Kinsey, a well-known sex researcher, recorded one man who was able to ejaculate six to eight times in a single session, but this is very rare.


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