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Tests and Treatment for Gonorrhea


Updated September 04, 2006

Tests for Gonorrhea
There are a number of tests to confirm a diagnosis of gonorrhea. None of the tests are painful but may just be slightly uncomfortable.
You have to give a urine sample for analysis. A genital examination is undertaken by the health worker.

Swabs are taken from the urethra, (the tub where your urine exits), a throat and a rectal swab if applicable. These swabs can be examined under the microscope for the gonorrhea bacterium.

Treatment of gonorrhea
Treatment for gonorrhea is simple. There are a number of antibiotics that can successfully cure gonorrhea in adolescents and adults. A new drug resistant strain of gonorrhea is now found in many countries that can make treatment more difficult and expensive.

A second test is needed following treatment to confirm that the gonorrhea infection has gone.

What happens if you do not get gonorrhea treated?
If a man's gonorrhea is not treated it can lead to inflammation of the prostate gland and pain and inflammation of the testicles. For female partners if they do not get treated for gonorrhea it is potentially much more serious. Untreated gonorrhea can block fallopian tubes (the tubes that carry the egg from the ovaries to the womb), which can result in reduced fertility or infertility. Untreated gonorrhea can cause an ectopic pregnancy. It can also lead to long term pelvic pain and discomfort.

Untreated gonorrhea can cause permanent damage that cannot be repaired.

Important information about resuming your sex life
Do not to have unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sex until treatment is completed and the infection has cleared up.

Remember to practice safe sex with anyone whose sexual history you do not know.

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