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Chlamydia In Men

Chlamydia: a sexually transmitted disease


Updated May 16, 2014

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Brief facts about chlamydia

  • Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease

  • Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed sexual infection in men

  • Chlamydia is caused by a bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis

  • Chlamydia is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the United States

  • 2005:The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey found as many as 1 in 20 teenage girls and women and more than 2% of the general population in America are infected with chlamydia.

  • More than 2.8 million new cases of chlamydia are reported in the US every year. Many more cases are unreported, undetected and untreated.

  • Chlamydia is easy to pass on during unprotected sexual contact.

  • Chlamydia can be transmitted during vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

  • Chlamydia can be passed from an infected mother to her baby during vaginal childbirth.

  • It is estimated that about 50 per cent of men and 70% of women who have chlamydia have no symptoms.

    Signs and symptoms of chlamydia
    Men with chlamydia can experience;

  • A white, cloudy and watery or greenish-yellow discharge from the penis

  • pain or burning on urinating

  • A possible increase in the frequency of urination

  • Burning and itching around the opening of the penis

    Women's signs and symptoms of chlamydia may include an increase in vaginal discharge, pain on passing urine and the need to go more frequently. Lower abdominal pain and irregular bleeding.

    Tests for chlamydia
    Chlamydia is diagnosed by either a urine test or by taking a swab sample from a site such as the penis or cervix.

    Facts about treatment of chlamydia
    Chlamydia infections are easily treated with antibiotics.


  • It is important if you have chlamydia that you abstain from sexual intercourse until you and your sexual partner(s) have completed treatment. If you do not, you are likely to get re-infected.

    Chlamydia and STD (Sexually transmitted disease) prevention
    Practice safer sex by using latex condoms to reduce your risk of getting chlamydia.

    Untreated chlamydia infections in men
    Left untreated, chlamydia can cause painful inflammation of the testicles or proctitis.

    Untreated chlamydia infections in women
    Chlamydia can cause pelvic inflammatory disease resulting, in some cases, in infertility. Women can also suffer long-term pelvic pain. Untreated infection during pregnancy is associated with ectopic pregnancy and premature delivery.


  • Video Link Chlamydia: Prevention and Treatment


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