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Men and Wrinkles
Skin accounts for about 16% of the average man's total weight and covers about 20 sq feet (61 sq meters)! Some of it is on the face and as time passes you get wrinkles. Find out about the causes of wrinkles and some simple tips to help keep them away for as long as possible.

Strokes vary in their severity depending on where the stroke occurs and the extent of the damage. Sometimes the damage can be so severe that unconciousness and death occurs very quickly.

Aging, Inactivity and Exercise
Most middle-aged or older men are content to do very little with their free time. Yet, the benefits of exercise far outweigh the limitations and dangers of inactivity. It's never too late to start and you'll feel the benefit almost immediately.

The Old Man Success Plan
What exactly is an old man? This is not as daft as it sounds because very little is actually known about the experiences of men as they age. Is being an old man something we can actually be proud of or is it something to fear? Read more . .

Male incontinence
The causes of male urinary incontinence may be many and varied. We review the causes the treatments and the options available to make life a bit more comfortable.

Red Wine is Sublime
Research into red wine has shown it to have many therapeutic effects. The common cold, degenerative brain diseases and heart conditions are amongst the problems shown to have been alleviated by a drop of the red stuff.

About 11% of new AIDS cases are in the over 50s. Guide Mark Cichocki dispels the myths and gives the facts.

Peptic Ulcers
The signs and symptoms of ulcers depends on the problem is located. Treatments are usually very effective but tend to require a few lifestyle changes along the way. This brief article reviews the causes of ulcers and who is most prone to getting them.

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