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Intimate Partner Violence Against Men
Intimate partner violence is the term used to describe the physical ,sexual, psycological or the threat of physical or sexual violence towards another person. Most often we tend to think of women as victims of this sort of crime but men can be victims of 'domestic' abuse too.

The passage of time helps to heal the scars and provide new optimism

I am a recovering manic depressive
Marc Wilson's own story of his struggle with manic depression.

Online Gambling Men and Health
Online gambling is increasingly popular. Most players are men. Gambling can be fun but for some it can lead to major problems with relationships, with debt and with their health. This article looks at the problems of online gambling and where you can get help if you are in trouble.

Depression in Men
It's sometimes reported that while women ruminate when they are depressed, men seek distraction. This may be part of the picture but as every person is different so there may be differences in the signs and symptoms of depression. Literally millions of men experience depression every year.

Men & Emotional Expression
Men are traditionally thought of as being less emotional than women but the evidence suggests it is the way that men express emotions that is different.

Top Tips to Boost Men's Self Confidence
Self confidence requires a positive self image. We have the 'real' self and 'ideal' self. To boost your confidence these two images need to come closer together in a realistic way. Here are some top tips about how to boost your self confidence.

Conflict Resolution for Men
Conflict resolution is an important life skill. Conflict is unavoidable so men need to know the most and least effective ways of dealing with conflict to improve communication at work , in personal and social relationships.

Fathers Get Postpartum Depression
The initial 'high' that many fathers experience after the birth of a child can quickly give way to feelings of isolation and depression.

Pregnancy Guide for Men: The Second Trimester
Pregnancy guide for men. The second trimester is often considered the best. Nausea (and vomiting) often experienced by a pregnant woman in the first trimester has gone and the woman often looks good, glowing with pregnancy!

Pregnancy Guide for Men: The Third Trimester
Pregnancy guide for men. Between the 38th week and the 40th week the baby's head will move into position in the pelvis ready to be born.

Pregnancy Guide for Men: The First Trimester
Pregnancy guide for men. Keep cool, be supportive and most of all talk. Good communication between you both will get you through.

Workplace Bullying
Would you know whether you were being bullied at work? Are you a bully without knowing it? This article reviews the features of bullying and the effects it has on health.

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