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Penis health, conditions or diseases of the penis. Viagra, penis enlargement programs, cancer, balanitis, Peyronie's disease ...
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Penis Signs & Symptoms of Sexual Infection
Can you tell you have got a sexually transmitted disease by noticing that something is wrong with your penis?

Erectile Pill Warning from the FDA
Erectile Pill Warning from the FDA. The pill Yilishent, sometimes known as Actra-Rx, can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Frequently Asked Questions
I get a lot of email from people with questions about the penis. Well, I've put together a FAQ of the most commonly requested items in the hope they will answer some of the more pressing questions.

Penis Piercing
Genital piercing is increasingly common and must be done with great caution. Know how to safely get, and take care of, a penis piercing.

About Semen
Semen can be a good indicator of health status. The color, texture, smell and even the taste of semen are indicators of health or illness. Find out more facts about semen.

Healthy Sperm
What do hot tubs, tight pants and smoking have in common? Answer: they all have a negative effect on your sperm count and its potency. Find out more about keeping your sperm healthy.

Penis Enlargement
Most penis-enlargement products promise everything and deliver nothing, but two methods actually supposedly work. Separate the facts from the myths.

Penis Size
Below-the-belt issues occupy men's minds for any number of reason's. One of the hardy perennials is the size of the penis - invariably the perceived small size. So, here are a few factoids.

Is there anyone who hasn't heard of Viagra? The drug that revolutionized erectile dysfunction problems in men is reviewed in terms of how it works and the common side effects.

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