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Restroom Habits Exposed


Updated January 21, 2006

Men, handwashing and the restroom

The research firm Harris Interactive conducted research into the handwashing habits of American men and women in four cities. 6,000 people were observed at six public attractions. Grand Central Station and Penn Station in New York; Turner Field in Atlanta; The Museum of Science and Industry and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Ferry Terminal Farmers Market in San Fancisco were the focus of interest.

Their findings? Although 9 out of 10 people say they wash their hands after using the rest room only 8 out of 10 actually do! Men were more guilty of omitting essential hand wash hygeine than women. Only 75% of men washed their hands compared to 90% of women.

The research funded by The American Society for Microbiology and the Soap and Detergent Association found some city's venues attracted very different washing habits.

  • In Penn station, New York only 64 percent of the men washed their hands after using the washroom compared with 92% of women.
  • In Atlanta's Turner Field sports fans (men and women) only 74% washed their hands.

  • San Francisco shoppers were the most diligent handwashers, 88% washed their hands.
  • Mmm, something to think about next time you shake hands!

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