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Lifestyle issues and healthy living for men.
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Avoid Fatigue At Work & Men
Work commitments keep increasing as men's roles change.

Compulsive Male Shoppers
Compulsive male shoppers shop the same as women

The Special Shave
Somewhere between the professional shave and the everyday face-scrape exists a special shave that is within the grasp of all men to achieve at home.

Razors and blades

After Shave Balms & Moisturisers
After shave shaving balms

Shaving Brushes
Selection of quality shaving brushes, starter shaving kits, shaving stands, shaving soaps and bowls

Pre-Shave Oils & Preparations
Pre-Shave Oils & Preparations

Sports & Fitness Magazines
Sports & Fitness Magazines

Athletic Shoes
Compare prices from this range of top athletic shoes

Active Health Challenges
10 challenges to boost health and energy.

Strength Building Tips
Strength Building Tips. Seven Ways to Build Strength

Sun Men and Health
Skin cancer is becoming more and more common. But so many of us continue to ignore the health risks of exposing our skins. Tans are still a must have, a sign of health and beauty. Each year more men than women die from skin cancer. Why?

Nine Million Obese Smokers in America
The number of obese people is increasing. The health risks for obesity are well documented but many obese people also smoke and compound their health risks.

Mountain Bikes
Mountain bikes. Check out this range of affordable quality mountain bikes

How Men Feel about their Bodies
Body shape and self esteem are strongly related. Men are also catching up with women in the sense of feeling pressure to conform to an ideal. With the right exercise plan and lifestyle changes you can make the best out of what you've got. Here are some key facts

Men's Cologne Sets & Deodorants
Designer fragrances & deodorants for men. Men's cologne sets - compare prices on top colognes and sprays.

Stop Smoking
At a conservative estimate 300,000 people in the USA and 120,000 people in the UK die of smoking related illnesses. Time to stop smoking.

Doctor visits and men's health
Men still find it very difficult to talk about a number of issues that affect their health and some have to be dragged to the doctor.

Sports Watches
Top 10 sports watches

Need a hat? Check out our selection.

Restroom Habits Exposed
Although 9 out of 10 people say they wash their hands after using the rest room only 8 out of 10 actually do.

Date Rape Drugs
What is the main culprit in date rape cases? The spiked drinks idea is less credible than alcohol intake say experts

1 in 25 Fathers not Biological Parent
1 in 25 Fathers not Biological Parent

How Divorce Affects Men's Health
How divorce affects men's health.

Safe Alcohol Intake
It is possible to drink alcohol and be healthy. In fact there is a lot of evidence that drinking small amounts of alcohol is good for you.

Sunburn and Skin Cancer
Recently there has been some confusing findings in research on our skin and the effects of the sun. The link between the harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays and skin cancer are being questioned.

Anti Smoking Vaccination
A vaccine that stops you smoking because you are no longer getting a buzz from the nicotine looks like becoming a reality say researchers.

How alcohol affects your health
What are the signs of having an alcohol problem and at what point does alcohol affect health?

Electric Shavers
Top rated razors at competitive prices.

Sleep deprivation
Sleep deprivation. In 1965, Randy Gardner, a 17 year old student, set a new world record for remaining awake. He managed an astonishing 264 hours and 12 minutes. When he finally fell to sleep he spent 14 hours and 40 minutes in bed.

National Center for Health Statistics
A unique public resource for health information and a critical element of public health and health policy.

US Food and Drug Administration
Massive resource covering a wide range of health issues. This link takes you to their consumer information resource.

Men as victims of crime
It is estimated that men are three times more likely than women to be the victims of assault but despite this the media, the police, the education system and various other agencies focus their efforts in promoting the avoidance of crime among women

Men's Bodies; the vital statistics
Men's bodies, the vital statistics. Average height, average weight, number of bones, heart beats in a lifetime and more

The Men's Health Quiz
I've put together 10 questions about Men's Health taken from various features on this site. Why not test your knowledge?

How to Look Good
Male grooming is a fact of life now. Those who don't spend a bit of time on themselves get noticed and not necessarily for the right reasons. Read our top male grooming tips.

Red Wine is Sublime
Just a glass or two of red wine a day can improve vital body functions, help prevent brain disorders and fight against colds, heart disease, herpes and even cancer. We review some of the research findings in praise of red wine.

What is Men's Health?
It has been argued that simply being male is bad for your health. So what exactly is Men's Health ?

Factoids about Exercise and how to get started
What do we know about exercise? Who exercises most and who the least? Is exercise really better than viagra for stimulating sex lives? How do you start exercising safely and what should be monitored? Read this and you'll find out!

Anabolic Steroids
Anabolic steroids are today more associated with body building and performance enhancement. The feature provides a review of effects and side effects.

Treating Hangovers
Hangovers are as old as history. Here are a few reasons why some hurt more than others and a few tips for symptom relief.

Computer-related health problems
Finding yourself glued to the computer every day could lead to physical and well as mental health problems. This handy 7 step guide points out the issues to be aware of and how to make life a little easier.

Big Belly
The beer belly has been found to be a better predictor of heart disease than general obsesity

Traumatic Brain Injury
Men are three times more than women to likely to suffer traumatic brain injury. Work patterns, sport and violence are amongst the top reasons.

Bigorexia (muscular dysmophia)
The quest for physical perfection is taking its toll on thousands of men. Bigorexia is sometimes called reverse anorexia and is just as difficult a challenge for men

All about hepatitis including its history, the various types, how transmission occurs, signs, symptoms and diagnostic practices

Heavy Drinking & Eye Disorders
A heavy drinking lifestyle can have many negative consequences. This feature focuses on Age-related maculopathy (ARM), an irreversible deterioration of the retina.

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