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Hair Loss

Baldness facts, men's hair problems and conditions. Hair loss and male pattern baldness, hereditary conditions, alopecia, hair transplantation surgery, bald spot

Medical Conditions Causing Hair Loss
Medical conditions causing hair loss.

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Hair loss FAQs
Why am I going bald? What is scalp reduction? What are the treatments for hair loss? What causes male pattern baldness? My father is bald, will I go bald too? What is Rogaine and Minoxidil? What is normal hair loss? All these questions and more answered in our hair loss Frequently Asked Questions

Male Hair Loss Treatments
Some men want to make the best of what hair they have, while others seek a more permanent solution. This feature examines male hair loss treatments.

Why Men Go Bald
Men go bald for a variety of reasons. This feature provides a brief overview of the main reasons why men lose hair.

Bald Spot (alopecia areata)
Rapid onset of hair loss in a sharply defined area is what characterises this condition. Possible causes and treatments are considered.

Hair Transplantation
Feature on the progress in this area of male cosmetic surgery, with additional links to hair-related information.

Male-pattern baldness
An overview of the condition that affects 40 million men in the United States alone. With links to additional resources.

Thyroid Problems & Hair Loss
Rapid hair is a symptom of thyroid dysfunction. This feature suggests your best course of action and offers 10 tips in dealing with hair loss.

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