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Breast Problems in Men

Spot Breast Problems and Deal with Them


Updated July 14, 2014

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Gynecomastia in Men

Between the ages of 10 and 25, swelling under one or both nipples may suggest a non-cancerous condition known as gynecomastia. Hormonal changes during adolescence can sometimes cause this condition.

Gynecomastia may last a few months or persist for years, and it's mostly a cosmetic concern. See your doctor if breast development increases or if you are at all concerned.

Gynecomastia may also occur as a result of some medications or if you are taking hormones -- discuss this with your doctor.

Runner's Nipple & Men

Red, sore, cracked or blistered nipples are often associated with irritation caused by loose clothing rubbing against the skin (such as can happen when running, hence the nickname "runner's nipple"). Apply some petroleum jelly or some antibiotic ointment, or cover the affected area with an adhesive bandage. See your doctor if a growth occurs or if you are concerned.

Breast Cancer & Men

Yes, men get breast cancer too. A hard, painless lump under the nipple could indicate something serious. Any swelling of the breast should be evaluated by a medical professional.


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