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Athlete's Foot

Treating athlete's foot


Updated December 04, 2005

Facts about athlete's Foot

  • Athlete's foot is a fungal infection which affects twice as many men as women.

  • Athlete's foot is more common in hot weather because sweat helps the fungas grow

  • The medical name for athlete's foot is Tinea pedis
  • Athlete's foot usually begins with splits and flaking skin between the toes.

  • If untreated it can spread to the soles of the feet.

  • Some types of athlete's foot can cause flaking sores on the legs and hands

  • It can be sore and unpleasant
  • Treatment for Athlete's Foot

  • Keep the area as clean and dry as possible. Wash the affected area, remember the bits between your toes! Use a dry, clean towel.

  • Change your socks regularly. Wear wool or cotton socks avoid man made fibers as they are less absorbant.

  • Talc will help keep the area dry

  • Your drug store or pharmacy have a number of medications that you apply as directed. Your pharmacist can help you choose the right one.You will need to apply them frequently but it will be worth it.
  • Updated 12/4/2005

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