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Diagnostic Tests for Testicular Cancer

Diagnosis Dictates Treatment Type


Updated May 03, 2006

Testicular cancer can be very successfully treated in 95% of cases. If you have any signs or symptoms of testicular cancer then you must go to your doctor who will carry out a few tests to make an accurate diagnosis. The main tests include the following types:

  • Physical examination.

  • Blood Test. This test will be looking for the serum blood markers, beta HCG and alpha-fetoprotein that indicate the presence of cancer. Up to 50 per cent with early stage non-seminoma type testicular cancer do not show these markers.

  • Ultrasound can show whether or not there are abnormalities in the scrotum. High frequency waves called a sonogram can show the presence of a testicular tumor even when it is very small and undetectable by physical examination.

  • Biopsy of the tumor. Because of the high risk of contamination and spread of the cancer by doing a scrotal biopsy, the affected testicle is almost always removed through an inguinal incision and the tissue is examined. The sample will show the type of cancer. Seminoma (40%) is the most common subtype. Nonseminoma subtype account for the rest and include teratocarcinoma and embryonal cell carcinoma.
  • Further tests will be carried out by the doctor to check if cancer has spread to other parts of the body. The doctor can then determine what type of treatment is appropriate.

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