1. Health
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Men's Health - By Category

Diseases that mainly or exclusively affect men. In depth reports and shorter articles

Embarrassing Issues for Men
Embarrassing issues many men find difficulty talking about or dealing with

Male health concerns for men from different ethnic backgrounds
Men from different ethnic backgrounds are often more vulnerable to some conditions and diseases according to their ethnicity.

Gallery of images relating to men's health
Gallery of images relating to men's health

Health Concerns for Gay Men
Gay health. Gay sexuality, safe & unsafe sex, depression, anal papilloma, AIDS, HIV, lesbian, transsesxual, bisexual, STDs, wellness and other health issues.

Hair Loss
Baldness facts, men's hair problems and conditions. Hair loss and male pattern baldness, hereditary conditions, alopecia, hair transplantation surgery, bald spot

Lifestyle issues and healthy living for men.

Penis health
Penis health, conditions or diseases of the penis. Viagra, penis enlargement programs, cancer, balanitis, Peyronie's disease ...

Prostate health
Prostate conditions, cancer screening, prevention and treatment options

Relationships with others, mental well-being, interpersonal problems, fatherhood

Senior health
Health links and issues for the man in his 40's and beyond

Sexual health
Information and advice on sexually transmitted diseases. Syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, crabs, lice, HIV AIDS, herpes and other matters relating to sexual health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Information for Men
Sexually transmitted diseases can pose major health problems so it is important to be informed about STDs such chlamidia gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDS, trichomoniasis, syphilis, genital warts, Non-Specific Urethritis and more. Find out about signs symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention is better than cure and you can find out how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases too.

Quizzes & Tools for Men's Health
Quizzes and useful tools for calculating various aspects of men's health, lifestyle & fitness.

Teen health
Health issues of interest to young men in their teens


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