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Are Computers Damaging Your Health?


Updated July 23, 2006

Stressed Out on your Computer
When the demands made on a person outstrip their ability to deal with them effectively, the term 'stress' is applied. A lot of stigma is still attached to stress despite the fact that it is the single most common factor for missing work. People rarely phone in to say they are sick through stress and are more likely to refer to something opaque like a viral infection. People are fairly good at spotting the signs of stress in others, but not always as sensitive to their own feelings. Signs of stress are feeling irritable, feeling down, not sleeping properly, digestive problems, backaches and headaches and an increase in blood pressure. Realizing that you are experiencing stress in a negative way (stress is relative remember) is the first step in taking corrective action.

Exercise on Your Computer
Exercise is a great tonic and it can be as simple as stretching your arms and legs and flexing your back, neck and hands whilst sitting in front of the monitor. We all know that exercise is good for the body and the mind, yet not everyone participates in the way they could or should. A combination of good diet, low caffeine, and regular movement of the limbs can go a long way to preventing or solving health problems associated with your computer, and of course, your life in general.

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