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What Works and What Doesn't?


Updated June 09, 2014

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Because the desire for a bigger penis is both a preoccupation and a source of concern for many men, the penis enlargement 'market' has flourished. So what are the options? What works, and what doesn't?

Pills and Potions for Penis Enlargement
There are literally hundreds of adverts and articles on penis enlargement, and your inbox probably suffers as a result. They talk of the amazing, 'unbelievable' results that can be achieved, but the only honest word here is 'unbelievable.' Save your money. Nothing currently on the market has a permanent affect on increasing penis size.

Vacuum Devices for Penis Enlargement
Vacuum devices are often recommended for the treatment of impotence, and they're also advertised for penis enlargement because the penis does increase in size for a time.

Vacuum pumps are placed over the penis, and then air is drawn from the tube, creating pressure. As a result, blood is rapidly forced into the penis, as happens in an erection. A ring is then applied temporarily to the base of the penis to stop the blood from draining away too quickly. Penis enlargement will only work for around 24 hours.

There can also be side effects. Blood vessels can rupture, causing swelling and pain. If you do want to try a vacuum device for erectile problems, or you feel it might be a pleasant sensation, you need to be aware of the potential dangers and the fact that some devices available are poorly designed.

Penis Exercises
As the penis does not contain any muscles, there are no exercises or massage techniques that will enlarge it (except in the short term).

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