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About Men's Health
Welcome to Men's Health

About this site...

Men's Health is first and foremost a resource for men. New material is added to the site every single week so the amount of material available is extensive. If this is your first visit things may seem a little complex, but after reading this you should have a much better idea of how things are organized.

The entry page to men's health starts with a picture of me, Jerry Kennard, I'm the Men's Health Guide. This means I write and edit the site and deal with email enquiries sent to me by people just like you. Just above my photo you’ll see the search box. This is useful for searches within the Men’s Health site, other Guide sites, for products or the web.

Running along the top bar (just under the photo) are some links. Click on the articles link and you will see a list of the most recent features. Directly next to this is the forum link. The forum is a great place to ask questions or respond to what other people have written. You can visit the forum as a guest, but you can’t ask questions or contribute unless you register for free. Moving along, we have chat. Chat is easy to use and is always open. If you want to keep up with the articles on the site you might want to sign up for our free newsletter. Newsletters are sent out weekly. Then there is the help link. Clicking on help answers some of the more frequently asked questions.

Looking to the left you will notice a number of 'essentials'. Essentials highlight topics of particular interest as well as providing a useful buyer’s guide relating to men’s health. Then we come to the Subjects. Each subject deals with a particular facet of men’s health and is a link resource to help you drill down to the things you are looking for.

Send to a Friend

Every article you read on the site has a facility to allow you to email to someone. Just scroll down the page and click the Email this page and follow the instructions.

Free Content for Your Website

If you’re looking for some free content for your website why not consider using our syndicated headlines? Just copy and paste some Javascript and you’ll get free regular updated headlines from Men’s Health automatically. The advanced version will allow you to tailor the feed to your own specifications.

And Finally

Well, I hope this has helped to demystify the site. After a little browsing you’ll soon pick things up. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you’ll keep dropping by to use our resources and maybe get involved in chat or the forum (or both).

Good health!


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