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Male Breast Enlargement

Could be a sign of disease


Updated December 20, 2006

Men can have problems with their breasts as well as women. If you fall into this category use this symptom checker to help resolve the issue.

Men developing breasts
This sounds like a condition known as gynecomastia. Usually this comes about as a result of hormonal changes after the age of ten. Overweight men are also prone to developing breasts but the problem goes away as body fat is lost and toning exercises are employed. For more information on gynecomastia click here.

Male breast development since taking medication
It's possible therefore that this is a side effect of the medication. Breast development will subside once medication stops but if you are in any doubt or if you are concerned, you should see your doctor.

Men with sore or cracked nipples
This usually occurs as a result of the nipples rubbing against clothing or as a result of some irritant on the clothing. If you take part in sports activities the skin rubbing against loose clothing may be the cause (runner's nipple). It is possible that the detergent used to wash the clothes may be causing some irritation.

Self help ideas are (a) cover the area with an adhesive strip (b) use vaseline or its equivalent (c) an antibiotic ointment.

Men with a hard painless lump under the nipple/breast

You should see your doctor without delay. Lumps can be a sign of something serious, like breast cancer. Men get breast cancer too, so don't delay.

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