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Treatment of phimosis and paraphimosis

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Updated May 27, 2014

Treatment of Phimosis
If treatment is required there are three main types:
  • Tropical creams, steroidal and non steroidal, applied to the prepuce.

  • Gradual stretching of the opening of the prepuce to widen it.

  • Surgical reshaping of the prepuce to make it wider.

  • All these treatments tend to avoid the side effects associated with surgical circumcision, trauma, pain, side effects of removal of the foreskin such as friction and interference of the erogenous and sexual functions.

    Treatment of Paraphimosis
    If the foreskin cannot be pulled back into place treatment should be sought. If the blood flow to the penis is restricted then emergency treatment is required and if the foreskin cannot be pulled back a surgical cut to the trapped foreskin may be required. Failure to seek treatment can result in permanent damage to the penis.

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