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Men's Health September 2005 Archive


Sexual Satisfaction & Penis Size

Thursday September 29, 2005
Many men fear that they are incapable of satisfying a woman sexually because their equipment isn't up to required standards. Time to explode a few myths as we consider the ... Read More

Men's Restroom Habits Exposed

Monday September 26, 2005
It's a man thing - at least this is what the latest research tells us about men's handwashing habits. That's right, even the washroom (well six of them actually) can't ... Read More

Radical Prostatectomy

Thursday September 22, 2005
Surgical removal of the prostate gland is known as a radical prostatectomy. In this feature the basics behind the procedure are described as well as the common side effects.

Collagen Help for Incontinence

Thursday September 15, 2005
Urinary incontinence can be a side effect following treatment for prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement). Now researchers have discovered that collagen can help.

Prostate Awareness Month

Thursday September 8, 2005
This year, around 32,000 men in the US alone will die as a result of prostate cancer. September has been designated prostate awareness month. Check out the facts and the ... Read More

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